Ment2Manage is a consulting firm committed to equipping both new and veteran property managers/owners with the essential skills needed to manage their property and deepen tenant and community relations.

Ment2Manage has managed over 1500 units in numerous distressed neighborhoods across the City of Chicago. Thus, our vast experience and teachable testimonials, places us in a prime position to impart our knowledge to help educate and empower property owners, while working to transform and stabilize communities.

Undoubtedly, there are disadvantaged communities all over America, where poverty and despair abounds. Property owners play a vital role in helping to turn these communities around, one property at a time – one block at a time.

If we all do our part, the disparities in our communities will subside, and we can all eat, play and shop in the communities where we live. Educating our clients on how to manage their tenants has created such great success that Ment2Manage has expanded to global markets. Therefore, if you believe you were meant to manage, let the Ment2Manage team help U!!


It is the mission of M2M to change the landscape of our communities one block at a time by creating accountable landlords who will subsequently create accountable tenants, who invest in their communities and create economic development for disadvantaged neighborhoods.


Conflicts with tenants will more than likely occur. You will have tenants that complain about you and vice versa. At the end of the day, all relationships require time and effort. Therefore, it is fair to say that the absence of communication can create the presence of stress and costly challenges, such as work orders not being addressed, withholding of rent or security deposits, property damage and even evictions. In our interactive modules, we will discuss proactive strategies, such as how to effectively screen tenants, selecting the appropriate maintenance company, as well as the invaluable benefits of getting to know your neighbors and other community stakeholders.

We will discuss topics ranging from eliminating stress from dealing with tenants to the invaluable benefits of getting to know your neighbors and other community stakeholders.


While growing up in Chicago, I always wondered why my neighborhood didn't look like "other" neighborhoods. Overtime I stopped wondering and like most simply decided to move....decision of a young man. Now I'm a bit more seasoned and see the landscape of the communities I grew up in as eye soars. However, instead of complaining about a problem I decided to think of solutions. As the solutions are many, I am one. Being one person, I decided to focus on one aspect..the landscape.

Why the landscape? What you see has a lot to do with how you feel. What I've seen are dilapidated buildings both occupied and vacant, blocks full of trash from the front gate to the curb, illegal activity being the primary activity on the block disallowing children to play outside.

Why the landscape? What we see is in direct correlation with the mindset of the property owner/manager as it pertains to their commitment to community. Making money as an investor in real estate is their right. Ensuring their property AND the community it resides in is their obligation.


Accountable landlords + Accountable tenants = Sustainable Community Transformation


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